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My mission

What if inner peace isn't some mystical thing that's out of reach? What if you can actually attain it and keep it with you all the time? You don't have to imagine yourself sitting under a tree like Buddha, with chill music playing constantly from your JBL.  You don't have to create perfect conditions for peace constantly. The goal is to find peace even amidst the chaos of daily life.

To achieve this, you need to understand a bit about the world around us. You need to grasp why things happen and how you can change them. What if our world isn't exactly how we perceive it? What if most of it is invisible to us?

That's what drives me and keeps me going. I want to share the knowledge that has helped me find inner peace. What if I can see the things that hold us back? I have stories, you would never believe. But what if they are true? Feel free to ask whatever you want so that I can answer you.

My journey

I originally studied fine art at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, specializing in printmaking. However, I now focus on painting. I've also worked as a freelance graphic designer for movie sets and various companies. My journey into spirituality began in 2016, before, that I was just a "normal" artist. I had a child, and my health was in shambles. Initially, it was just for my well-being, but over time, I dived deeper and had the opportunity to learn more in this field.

I got the skill to see the Akashic Records in 2019. When Akash found me, I had only three years of experience in the spiritual world. I didn't even know what the Akash was. I didn’t know what I was seeing. I started to see things and didn't know where they came from. This newfound skill led me to discover my path and brought clarity to my life.

Now, I use my experiences with Akashic Records to help people through individual coaching sessions. I aim to help others understand the unseen aspects of the world, which make up 98 percent of our reality. I believe, that by tapping into our inner knowing, we can positively impact ourselves, others, and the environment, essentially becoming creators of our reality.

I am a certified Thetahealer, but I know several techniques in the spiritual world. I am currently studying coaching in Germany and in a special coaching program called the Full Time Purpose Coaching Certification led by Mat Shaffer, Victor Oddo, and Aaron Doughty.

More about the Akashic Records


Anyone who knows me knows, that I go where my heart pulls me and my inspiration leads me, even if it sounds crazy. I create art instinctively, guided by my inner spiritual voice. My journey with hip-hop began in 2019 and has grown alongside my training as a mental coach, as well as my art. I've always loved music and dancing, feeling free and happy whenever the music played. But as I grew older, life got more complicated. Years later, my doctor suggested I stop yoga and start dancing again.

The idea of hip-hop came to me unexpectedly, triggering memories from my past. It suddenly made sense—hip hop, particularly its connection to urban areas and the atmosphere it evokes, has always inspired me. I used to paint extreme sports, but it didn't feel right. Cities and their connection to society have always intrigued me.

I'm fascinated by the idea of capturing music, dance, and movement in paintings. Urban studies, like the book "Erzählte Stadt: Der urbane Raum bei Janet Cardiff und Jeff Wall," resonate with my thoughts. Cities appear differently depending on where and how we observe them. They're constantly evolving, much like our lives.

Urban areas are the stage for hip-hop, mirroring its fluidity and rhythm. I'm interested in exploring how hip-hop artists and normal people interact with and shape cities, and how cities, in turn, influence their art and personality.

Hip-hop transcends barriers like color and religion, spreading messages of love and unity. It has a universal presence and can bind generations and cultures together. Spirituality and self-expression are also important to me. Music, dance, and art have healing powers and can unite us in profound ways.

My goal is to blend the spirituality of hip-hop with my instincts, bridging cultures and people through music, dance, and art. Join me on this journey and dive deep into the essence of hip-hop.


I look forward to a possible collaboration.

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