Born in Hungary, 1979, living in Austria (Innsbruck)
Studied at the University of Fine Arts in Hungary
My work investigates dialogues and the
unpredictable collisions, equilibriums between
the real and artificial, the figurative and
abstract combines digital fragments with
traditional printmaking and new print media
techniques including:
etching, aquatint, and silkscreen.

Informed by my experiences growing up in a
little town of Hungary and moving to a big city,
my work explores the tensions between the effects of the two environments; images of infrastructures, abandoned industrial places, construction sites, and machines that visibly and invisibly transform the city. They ask the unspoken question: what kind of life is possible in these environments? My work aims to depict the fragility of social relations and reflects urban loneliness and vulnerability. By shifting my focus from the human figures to emphasize their living spaces, and injecting an external eye into the pictures (in the form of owls), I create increasingly surrealistic scenes that reframe the feeling of alienation.
I currently live in Innsbruck with my family. It was here that I got in contact with paragliding, which immediately gave wings to my imagination. Since the beginning of 2016, I started to use images of extreme sports as inspiration for my artwork, and this opened a new phase in my creative practice.
Solo Exhibitions
2015 Hangistálló-Nagyegyháza, Hungary
2015 Cafe Munkácsy Törökbálint, Hungary
2006  Eötvös Loránd University
Group Exhibitions
2017 München - STROKE Art Fair
2017 Innsbruck - Galerie Kass 2017
2016 Innsbruck - Congress
2013 Sun festival-Vác (Hungary)
2009 Diploma exhibition-Hungarian University of Fine ArtsBudapest
2008 ERASMUS SCHOLARSHIP EXHIBITION, Munich Academy of Fine Arts (Germany)
2006 Mill of Arts, Szentendre (Hungary)
2006 Nádor Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)
2003 K+K Hotel, Budapest (Hungary)
2002 Fény Gallery, Budapest (Hungary)
1999-2001 School of visual Design (window dresser)   
2008 Erasmus Scholarship Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany
2004-2009 Master of Fine Arts Diploma on the University of Fine Arts in Budapest (Hungary)
  • Neandertaler, TV series RTL II 2016
  • The Chess Player (Dir: Luis Oliveros)
  • Documentary Now, TV series (IFC), 2. episodes
member of the FILLSCRN Team               2015-2020
Westa GmbH Mils, Austria                        2013-2015
Graphic designer, Art Director
E-cards and more, Berlin, Germany           2011-2013
Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator
Gateone  Munich, Germany                       2010-2011
Graphic designer
Freelancer, Hungary                                  2000-2009
Email: viki.eperjesi@gmail.com
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Viki Eperjesi
Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, IllustratoR
Europe, Austria, Hungary
0043 681 81 566 857
0036 30 9035 801