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Akashic Chronicle Personal Reading

1 / €650

About the Akashic Chronicle / Akashic Records: I got this skill in 2019, and for the first, I did not know what I was seeing. I started to see things and didn't know where they came from. I only knew that what I could see was the truth.
The Akasha is all around us. It is in every facet of our lives. If anyone knows the movie Matrix, that's what it is. It is the Matrix, that we live in. Every single item, our circumstances, the life we have, the clothes we buy, the brands we wear, the cars we have down to the patterns on our socks - everything is a reminder of a past life or of our soul mates or a reminder of a lost twin or who we are the lost twin of. It refers to what gods we have within us or what legends or fairy tales we have chosen to be a part of. We can choose ourselves in different and colorful ways into different, quite amazing things, which we can follow with our life story.
You can get a glimpse of this wonderful world through reading.
Regularly I am given specific people, names, and stories of legends that show what energy fields we are carrying.
You can also ask questions. The answers you get from me are for you, what you can take in at the moment.
I have a special angle on the connections in Akasha and how they can affect us. It's also a great help where to start working with my clients.
First, you answer my questions, which you get as a questionnaire, and then I do the reading without you. After that, I'll deliver what I've seen in an hour-long online meeting. You will receive my notes by email.

Akashic Chronicle Personal Reading and Your Own Portal Image

1 / €1550

A reading from your Akasha and a digital portal image - 
You will receive a reading from me (as described above). As a fine artist, I also have the opportunity to turn your reading into an artwork. As an extension to the reading, I'm creating a digital artwork, a unique portal image from your Akashic Records. With the help of your picture, you can easily connect to your Chronicle every time. The energy of the artwork is transformative each time and will accompany you on your path.
You will receive the piece by email in .jpeg or .pdf and can print it out or have it printed on canvas at any time.

Akashic Chronicle Personal Reading and Your Own Handmade Portal Image

This version includes a reading, a digital image (as described above), and the original hand-painted portal image with acrylic paint. 
The painting can be made in any size.  The price will be agreed separately.

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