I guess it is a bit odd that my spiritual journey with dancing has started out by lying on my bed. While I was looking around the room, some strong visuals came into my mind...it was like day-dreaming but with some quite exact imagery.


I have not been trained as a professional dancer, but I have always loved dancing. My grandmother was a ballet dancer, although she did not get the opportunity to make a living out of it.


I took a few ballet classes at the age of 6, but it was a complete disaster. They asked me to leave the class....


I lived my passion for dancing through partying with friends. In my 20’s we danced through so many nights, until the morning light...Not many people know this, but my home country, Hungary is famous for its great music festivals. I used to be a regular at these events. Meeting people and dancing made me feel at home. Whenever the music started I felt genuine freedom and happiness. However, as I was growing older and my life changed and it was not so simple to find the right way again.


To be able to feel that type of contentment in my life again, I started practicing yoga. However, it was still not the same as dancing...when my doctor asked me to stop practicing yoga, for some health reasons, I was upset and asked him what I should do next...he encouraged me to start dancing.


The very first word that came into my mind was ’HIP HOP’. First I started laughing and questioning myself...why the hack I thought of hip hop, but then slowly snippets of memories from my past started coming back to me. It was like an 'aha' moment...my friends, relationships, stories, early pictures from my childhood, things that I have always loved were all related to this genre and culture. Everything just made sense at that moment.


That was the day when I realized that the missing bits or inspiration I was looking for in my artwork and paintings have always been there, in front of my eyes.

I had to go once this way. I got the flow, and I take everyone to this journey who wants to come.

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Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator
Europe, Austria, Hungary