It is a bit odd that my spiritual journey with dancing has started out by lying on my bed. While I was looking around the room, some strong visuals came into my mind...it was like day-dreaming but with some quite exact imagery.
I have not been trained as a professional dancer, but I have always loved dancing. Whenever the music started I felt genuine freedom and happiness. However, as I was growing older and my life changed and it was not so simple to find the right way again.
Years later my doctor encouraged me to stop yoga and start dancing again. The very first word that came into my mind was

’hip hop’. First I started laughing and questioning myself...why the hack I thought of hip hop, but then slowly snippets of memories
from my past started coming back to me. It was like an aha moment... Everything just made sense at that moment.
That was the day when I realized that the missing bits or inspiration I was looking for in my artwork and paintings have always been there, in front of my eyes. The hip-hop dance! This genre (from New York, Bronx) has a relationship with non-rural
areas, especially the abandoned, sleazy parts. These pictures and atmospheres which inspire me the most. 
I used to do paintings of extreme sports before but I did not feel it completely mine or at least not with the natural forms I painted. Cities as a working unit and also the connection between urban areas and society were always influenced me.


According to several theories that say the tune and the rhythm are in the silent, so it is possible to show the dance and movements with paintings. I am interested in not only the urban forms but movements, and also how am I going to illustrate these movements on the canvas.
Dance styles and the related ancient contents and forms have been alive for thousands of years. They evolve and retrograde for the reason to come back to us, and make it possible to express our feelings with modern forms.

The book of Erzählte Stadt: Der urbane Raum bei Janet Cardiff und Jeff Wall (Urban studies) summarize the best also my thoughts. Cities appear differently according to the types and the place of observation. The city does not let us understand as one big unit; instead, we can try to monitor the mechanism.
What kind of place is the city for me? What does the city create for us? What kind of sites could create for the dance and movements? 
We can cross the cities, and with this action, the great journey begins. If we observe a panorama picture, we can see one all view, but this evaporates when we go among the buildings, and we move around the streets. Where does the city start, and where does it end? When do the men exist in the city? For this question, we can not answer. There are constructions all the time, and the places are growing vertically and horizontally as well, and in the meantime, we demolish complete districts. The city becomes fluid. It is moving all the time. It is a playground and a stage at once. The city is the stage of the rhythm and tempo.
These urban areas are the podium of the hip-hop and street dance, with its fluidity suits into the world of dance movements. 
How the dancers are connecting with the city, and how can they form it? How can the city change the dancer's art and personality? I am going to discover and answer these questions with my drawings and paintings.  


During my lengthy research and how hip-hop is communicated, I have the feeling that for this community does not matter where do you come from or basically who you are. Only one thing matters that the man gets the chance to introduce himself throughout the dance and can show his/her talent and creativity. In my belief, and I want to have it correct, hip hop is
beyond the color, religion, etc. It spreads throughout the love and uses people's unity and vision. This is the key, how hip-hop can bind new generations.
The base was that instead of any violence, the communities (dancers) used the dance to compete with each other during riots or any other violent times. The hip-hop did exist at the 
beginning outside of the artistic world. Nowadays, it goes around the world and cultures. It has a presence everywhere.

My inspiration comes not only from reputed dancers, but I am looking for people in every possible situation or background, children, inspirational groups, not well know dancers as well. I am not about to do a fan art with my artworks. I about to doing some unique art to unite the races, people together and spread simply love..
My goal is that I follow the spirituality of the hip-hop and combine it with my instincts. In the hope to be able to build the bridge stronger between cultures and people as the dance does