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Anyone who knows me knows, that I go where my heart pulls me and my inspiration leads me, even if it sounds crazy. I create art instinctively, guided by my inner spiritual voice. My journey with hip-hop began in 2019 and has grown alongside my training as a mental coach, as well as my art. I've always loved music and dancing, feeling free and happy whenever the music played. But as I grew older, life got more complicated. Years later, my doctor suggested I stop yoga and start dancing again.

The idea of hip-hop came to me unexpectedly, triggering memories from my past. It suddenly made sense—hip hop, particularly its connection to urban areas and the atmosphere it evokes, has always inspired me. I used to paint extreme sports, but it didn't feel right. Cities and their connection to society have always intrigued me.

I'm fascinated by the idea of capturing music, dance, and movement in paintings. Urban studies, like the book "Erzählte Stadt: Der urbane Raum bei Janet Cardiff und Jeff Wall," resonate with my thoughts. Cities appear differently depending on where and how we observe them. They're constantly evolving, much like our lives.

Urban areas are the stage for hip-hop, mirroring its fluidity and rhythm. I'm interested in exploring how hip-hop artists and normal people interact with and shape cities, and how cities, in turn, influence their art and personality.

Hip-hop transcends barriers like color and religion, spreading messages of love and unity. It has a universal presence and can bind generations and cultures together. Spirituality and self-expression are also important to me. Music, dance, and art have healing powers and can unite us in profound ways.

My goal is to blend the spirituality of hip-hop with my instincts, bridging cultures and people through music, dance, and art. Join me on this journey and dive deep into the essence of hip-hop.

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