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Akashic Chronicle Consultations

1 / €250

An Akashic Chronicle live reading for you from your own Akasha.
We connect with your Akashic Records and you ask me your questions. Through your questions, we receive information from your Akashic field. The information that comes to you through me serves you in your development. They support you, guide you, and accompany you.
Perhaps we see several past lives, deities, or mystical legends in your story. No matter what messages reach us, we always see exactly what you need at this moment to be able to move on. What is useful for you right now and can make your path easier? We then see the fields that are holding you back and blocking you. 
I am guided by your questions and comments. I may also ask you questions to go into more detail. 
I intend that the information you need comes through me from the source of unconditional love. That the information you receive will serve you in the highest good and can be a great contribution to you. 
These consultations help you to discover your blockages and offer a great basis for further cooperation if you are ready to overcome your patterns. 
All information I receive from you and about you will be kept strictly confidential.
Regardless of what I transmit for you from the Akashic Records, you are the highest authority in your life. You can create your own life. 
This knowledge will help you to make your choices and bring healing, joy, and freedom into your life. You will feel a profound impact at a soul level.

The Akash can help us with:
Soul Path
Past lives and old energy fields
Soul mates
Lost twins
Health issues
Abundance and manifestation
Counseling in Special Matters

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